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Yesterday, on 8th July 2017, a number of us from Joel’s Place met up with some of our friends from other churches to go and see the JustOne conference at the Emirates Stadium in North London. At 11:30am we got on our coach and made our way to hear some good news, get immersed in some fantastic worship and overall have a brilliant time!

What is JustOne?

In case you were wondering what JustOne is i’ll explain!

JustOne was an opportunity for people to invite ‘just one’ relative, friend, neighbour or colleague along to hear ‘just one’ message of how the Good News of Jesus can transform lives and bring purpose, and all of this happened on ‘just one’ day! In total i believe around 24,000 people gathered at the Emirates Stadium to bear witness.

Who spoke?

The event was organised by J.John, an “evangelist, minister, speaker, social activist and writer who has a remarkable gift for communicating the truth in an engaging, stimulating and practical way. His passion for story-telling enables him to bring the gospel to life in a fresh and contemporary manner.” I personally found J.John very interesting to listen to. He mixed just the right amount of seriousness with the right amount of humour to deliver a message you couldn’t disagree with!  His message was passionate, relevant and lively and i, along with thousands of others thoroughly enjoyed listening to him.

Who performed?

We were very fortunate to have Hillsong Church London, Matt Redman, London Community Gospel Choir and Noel Robinson lead the worship throughout the day. All who performed sounded absolutely amazing and honestly, the sound that 24,000

Christians make when worshipping together is powerful stuff!

At 18:00pm, JustOne was rounded up with some fantastic worship led by Matt Redman including his song 10,000 reasons. Overall it was a lovely day basked in summer weather, wholesome worship and praise and compelling talks.

5/5, would definitely recommend!

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